Top Ten Lists of 2001
Peter Momtchiloff of Would-Be-Goods

1. Rufus Wainwright: Poses
2. The Strokes: Is This It
3. Autechre: Confield
4. Detroit Cobras: Life, Love, and Leaving
5. Missy Elliott: So Addictive
6. Ron Sexsmith: Blue Boy
7. The Real Tuesday Weld: Where Cupid Meets Psyche
8. Quasi: Sword of God
9. White Stripes: White Blood Cells
10. Erase Errata: Other Animals

Gregory Webster of Sportique (and Razorcuts)

list of randomness for 2001 (in no particular order):
1) Film: Together (Dir: Lucas Moodyson)
2) Gig: Dutronic at the Boston Arms, London
3) Film: Ghostworld (Dir: Terry Zwigoff)
4) Art: Ultrabaroque at San Francisco MoMa
5) Art: Dan Flavin at Serpentine Gallery, London
6) Film: Storytelling (Dir: Todd Solondz)
7) Gig: The Masonics at Spaceland, Los Angeles
8) Book: Art Crazy Nation by Matthew Collings
9) Car: New Mini
10) God bless: America

Tali White of the Lucksmiths

ten good things from 2001:
1. Baklava, pure Mediterranean sunshine for my taste buds. Best baklava in the world for me so far can be found at “La Med”
SF, CA. Close second is made by Jimmy Tassos’ godfather.
2. The Aislers Set (live) – Bruised hips from jumping up and down at the front of the stage, sore cheeks from smiling, ringing
ears and a heart full of something good.
3. Wines from “Hayshed Hill”, Southwestern Australia. * (best enjoyed with the one you love over a good Thai meal or, failing
that, in the company of a Canadian pop band on the banks of the Swan River, Perth, W.A.)
4. Being driven up and down the hills of San Francisco in the evening on the back of a red vespa and feeling cooler than just
about anything.
5. “Wires”, by The Art Of Fighting. Pure and heartbreaking music and lyrics plus the most sensitive drumming. Ace.
6. Kissing Book / Poundsign / Essex Green (live@ Brownie’s NY, NY) speaking of drummers I admire in bands that I love,
Adam (kb) Bekky (ps) and Neil (eg) what a line up! Adam in particular needs to been seen to be believed. Rad! (yes I did use
the term rad)
7. Bath. No, not the thing that you soak in but the town in southern England. Visit it if you can it’s quite lovely.
8. Touring in Sweden. If there is one thing that warms me to a place it’s a fruit and cheese platter. Venues and fans, food and
bands, scenery and hospitality…a pleasure. (check out Aerospace’s new album) also Sweden is home to Tommy Bergman…
what a guy!
9. Burritos and Vegie-Fajitas. My arse may never forgive me for the sheer quantity of fine tex-mex I ate this year.
10. My Friends. This year has been a huge one, I’ve made some amazing new friends and I’ve been reminded why I love my
ong-time friends so much. thanks.

Ed Mazzucco of Monterey

top 10 releases (in no particular order):
aerospace – the bright idea called soul (summersound)
camera obscura – biggest bluest hi-fi (andmoresound)
the saturday people – the saturday people (slumberland)
tompaulin – town and the city (ugly man)
aston – aston (subterfuge)
fantastic something – songs in a small place (siesta)
v/a – mutual admiration society (definition)
ashby – power ballads (marina)
birdie – triple echo (it)
the siddeleys – slum clearance (matinée/clarendon)

Jason Sweeney of Simpático/Sweet William

12 lps:
stereolab – sound dust (duophonic)
doves – lost souls (heavenly)
noriko tujiko – shojo toshi (mego)
hood – cold house (domino/sensory projects)
music vs physics – north side perspective (optikut)
styrofoam – a short album about murder (morr music)
ai yamamoto – s/t cdr (independent)
sobriquet – july (independent)
birdie – triple echo (apricot)
lali puna – scary world theory (morr music)
solvent – solvent city (morr music)
the wake – harmony (reissue – ltm records)

10 singles/eps:
lali puna/bomb the bass – clear cut (morr music)
boards of canada – a beautiful place out in the country ep (warp)
stereolab – captain easychord ep (duophonic)
toupee vs artificial – any ladies? (clan analogue)
opiate/dub tractor – split ep (city centre offices)
broadcast – extended play 2 (warp)
future bible heroes – i’m lonely (and i love it) (merge)
gerling – dust me selecta (festival/mushroom)
the remote viewer – walsh ambrose (city centre offices)
b fleischmann – nico (morr music/anost)

9 films:
harry potter
the princess and the warrior
almost famous
the deep end
little otik
in the mood for love
best in show
dancer in the dark (i think was from 2000 but anyway…)

1 show, the *only* show:
the magnetic fields – continental cafe, melbourne

Marc Elston of the Liberty Ship

Smoochers- Songs for Swinging Lovers (in no particular order):
1. Brighter- The Railway Children
2. Skinstorm- Bradford
3. All that ever mattered- Orange Juice
4. (There’s always) Something on my mind- The Pale Fountains
5. Release- Aztec Camera
6. There is a light that never goes out- The Smiths
7. Too Happy- Tracey Thorn
8. Forest Fire- Lloyd Cole and the Commotions
9. Graceland- The Bible
10. You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go- Ben Watt

A list for all you romantics out there or a lot of soppy….the choice is yours.

Leonard Roberge of Bella Vista

Piano Magic – Seasonally Affective: A Piano Magic Retrospective 1996-2000 (Rocket Girl)
The Millennium – Magic Time: The Millennium/Ballroom Recordings (Sundazed)
The Chills – Secret Box: The Chills’ Rarities, 1980-2000 (Definitive)
Captain Soul – Beat Your Crazy Head Against the Sky (Poptones)
Hood – Cold House (Aesthetics)
Hood – Home Is Where It Hurts (Aesthetics)
Arnold – Bahama (Poptones)
Bitter Springs – Suburban Crimes of Every Happiness (Dishy)
Dimmer – I Believe You Are a Star (Columbia New Zealand)
Sagittarius – The Blue Marble (Together/Dreamsville)

Pamela Berry of the Pines and the Snowdrops (and a hundred former hitmakers)

top ten charity/junk shop xmas season scores:
1. 1970s Brother sewing machine – Evergreen Trust, Crystal oh-so-fabulous robin’s egg blue! difficult to part with, but
the perfect gift for a sewing friend in need.
2. dark green old enamel bread bin – Church St. junk shop, Crystal Palace. rounded, labelled ‘bread’. huge enough to store a
large family of puppies if you’re out of bread. the best forest green colour ever.
3. light green old enamel bread bin – Church St. junk shop, Crystal Palace. squared, holds two puppies at most. yep, labelled
‘bread’. going to a good toast-obsessed home for xmas.
4. TG Green yellow ware gigantic mixing bowl – the other Church St. junk shop, Crystal Palace. “The Gripstand”! has that flat
bit so you can tilt and rest it sideways for speedy whisking or whatever. scored for £1, used to make the Berry family xmas
cookie recipe, awww.
5. red and white enamel tin – Evergreen Trust, Crystal Palace. 50p yes way. labelled ‘biscuits’ but heck, I know what it’s for.
used to house a heap of just-baked Berry family xmas cookies, awww.
5 and 1/2. Royal Doulton cat figurine, marked “Lucky” – YMCA charity shop, Goodge St. a little over 2 inches tall. not the kind
of thing I usually buy, but it was only 20p and he had a really compelling hissing/smiling expression on his face. got home,
looked him up, the demented little feline is worth $150. gotta sell or give away to stop him looking at me funny.
6. martini glasses a go-go – Oxfam, Goodge St. she can’t help it, the girl can’t help it. everybody needs ’em.
7. basket trolley – Haynes Lane Market, Crystal Palace. only a fiver and the envy of every old-timer in the hood who doesn’t
already own one. a big old basket on wheels with a handle, great for schlepping recyclables up that bastard hill or for ferrying
groceries and charity shop scores back down it.
8. Gund fluffy puppy hand puppet – Evergreen Trust, Crystal Palace. rescued from the big plastic barrel of unwanted toys, still
sporting the ‘gotta get a gund’ tag at the ear. a great Christmas pressie for our baby nephew once I managed to pry it away
from the husbeau’s “hand of hilarious puppetry.”
9. The Tail-Wagger Magazine, 6 copies dated 1949-1951 – Haynes Lane Market basement o’ rotting books. the magazine
devoted to dogs, each one with a great pooch du mois on the cover. found in a rotting box and thrown in for free with a pile of
rotting books I bought. some covers used to make non-rotting fuzzy xmas carrier bag for fellow pro-hound girlfriend. gripping
features inside include “Escalators – potential ‘torture-machines’ for dogs”
10. 3-pronged chrome meat fork with red/cream wooden painted handle – Spitalfields Market. only £1, which is what I had in
my pocket, bonus! out of a junk box of superenticing kitchenalia. now hangs next to its cousin separated at birth, the chrome
‘Flipper Lifter’ with turquoise/cream wooden handle. can double easily as roast-tater fork for your sensitive veggie holiday
kitchen helpers. fantastic for butt-poking hilarity in and out of the kitchen.

Keris Howard of Harper Lee

10 best things in 2001 (in no particular order):
Brighton & Hove Albion FC – Nationwide Division 3 League Champions
The Strokes – Is this it
Death Cab For Cutie – Forbidden Love EP
ISS Pro Evolution Soccer for Playstation 2
Ash – Free All Angels
England 5 Germany 1
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Pulp – We Love Life
Brian winning Big Brother
New Order – Get Ready

Stephen Maughan of Kosmonaut

favourite songs of 2001:
mercury rev – the dark is rising
super furry animals – ring around the world
super furry animals – it’s not the end of the world?
goldstoned – happy street
avocadoclub – too much space to walk away
the lucksmiths – smokers in love
the last post – until the heart gives way
daft punk – digital love
the white stripes – fell in love with a girl
the liberty ship – cabin fever
turin brakes – underdog (save me)
the strokes – the modern age
slipslide – firefly
future pilot aka – beat of a drum
charlatans – a man needs to be told

favourite songs not heard until 2001
delta – color madre
the grateful dead – box of rain
the grateful dead – friend of the devil
the zombies – care of cell 44
nick drake – the thoughts of mary jane
neil young – out on the weekend
mamas and papas – no salt on her tail
the monkees – i’ve just begun to care
big star – the ballad of el goodo

Roy Thirlwall of the Windmills and Melodie Group

Top Ten Things 2001
1. Teardrop Explodes reissues
2. The Office
3. Emmanuel Beart – Would-Be-Goods
4. Germany 1 England 5
5. flotation tank
6. Stephen Malkmus LP
7. sad ghostly noise in the middle of Imitation Of Life by REM
8. Bargain Hunt
9. Boyfriends Stay – Club 8
10. Jumblesailing – Clearlake


top ten records (mostly) of 2001:
1. Cher: The music’s no good without you (CDS)
2. Bent: Programmed to love (LP)
3. New Order: Crystal (CD)
4. Montgolfier Brothers: Pro celebrity standing around (7″)
5. Ash: Candy (CDS)
6. Melodie Group: Summerness (7″)
7. Free loan Investments: (Live in Brighton)
8. Harper Lee Go back to bed: (CD)
9. Cosmic Rough Riders: The Loser (7″)
10.January : Eyes all mine (7″)

Compiled by Dick and Keith in 10 minutes January 2nd 2002

The Snowdrops

top ten suggestions for the best top ten list categories of top things in 2001 (Number one of each top ten list is shown in
1. Types of cheese (smoked Gouda)
2. Types of bird (Tawny Owl)
3. Types of fish (Halibut)
4. Charity shops in Brighton (Oxfam)
5. UK railway stations (Exeter St. David’s)
6. Made up car names (Ford Moth)
7. Chocolate bars (Flake)
8. David Beckham goals (England v Greece)
9. Cafes (Cafe Clarence, North St. Brighton)
10.Constellations (The Plough)

compiled by Keith and Dick 2nd Jan. 2002.

Graeme Elston of Slipslide

2001 Highs:
FINALLY finishing the Astronaut album
Go Betweens – Friends of Rachel Worth (was that this year?!!!)
Lucksmiths/Airport Girl/Slipslide at the Bull and Gate – a great night…Viva Matinée!
Matinée Recordings as a force for good in this world (!)
Edwyn Collins and Roddy Frame at the Royal Festival Hall
The Strokes – Is This It (me and the rest of the world)
Hearing Slipslide played between Elvis Costello and Pulp on the radio
New Order – Get Ready (apart from ‘Rock The Shack’)
Montgolfier Brothers album
Newcastle United top of the league.

2001 Lows:
No one noticed we’d finished the Astronaut album
Terry Hall and Ian Broudie came to a gig. And left before we came on.
Newcastle United are no longer top of the league.

Sean Price of Airport Girl

Top Ten or Eleven in 2001 (in no order…):
1. the moldy peaches lp:
totally off-the-wall, loud, dirty, dumb, stupid, fucked-up and tender at the same time, it just had more imagination than
anything else this year. you could call it folk music i suppose but that wouldn’t make any sense. a boy dressed
as an elf and a girl in a rabbit outfit. you’re telling me that’s not cool?
2. last nite – the strokes:
or rather ‘laaaaaast nite’. is that a bit obvious? yeah, they were hyped…but hype is exciting sometimes. look! your
favourite band is on tv! go with it and have fun, or be cynical and old.
3. the great divide – the lucksmiths (live at shepherd’s bush empire):
supporting jonathan richman, and with the full, sweet sound of a large venue’s sound system, marty donald’s
simplest and most affecting love song moved the building to tears. but let’s not get metaphysical.
4.the aislers set peel session:
one of the great peel sessions. the first time they’d ever recorded outside of amy linton’s garage and – whoa! – did
it sound amazing. ‘long division’, a fabulous new song ‘mission bells’ resplendent with mariachi trumpet, a cover of
joy division’s ‘walked in line’ that peel suggested was superior to the original, and the extraordinary ‘the walk’. peel
played the session twice he loved it so much. ‘i suppose there must be a lot of similar bands in the usa’, he
mused, ‘but there’s something about the aislers set that makes them very special’.
5. do it all over again – spiritualized:
oh, just a great big cool pop song that makes me smile every time i hear it.
6. boom-a-bang-bang-bang – the loves:
a dumb infectious sixties pop song, on the track and field label. bowl cuts and star jumps.
7. argyle heir – the ladybug transistor:
gary olsen’s band of merry men and women. like the magnetic fields and the left banke took a boating holiday
together. gorgeous, sumptious, swoonsome pastoral pop.
8. fell in love with a girl – the white stripes:
the stand out track on the ‘white blood cells’ album. a lot of adrenalin and a lot of hooks in a very short amount of time.
9. jonathon david – belle and sebastian:
not as great as ‘legal man’ but still an excellent pop song. everyone hated it as far as i remember. what is it now
that belle and sebastian have started knocking out these great sixties influenced pop songs that everyone
pines for the old stuff? you’re a funny lot.
10. part-time punks – comet gain, the lucksmiths, the chemistry experiment and most of the audience (live on
la guinguette pirate, paris):
david feck’s attempt at a traditional cockernee pub sing-a-long on a chinese junk moored on the seine. nobody
knows what it was really like cos we were all on stage. but we’re pretty sure it was great.
and a film…
11. nine queens:
an argentinian movie directed by fabian bielinsky. his first movie, funded by winning a script competition. a
buddy/scam movie with with intricate plotting, great dialogue and a dash of ‘the usual suspects’.

Jenny Robbins of Bella Vista

some things I fondly remember of 2001:
1) 7914 Takoma Ave
2) Howdy, Teenage Fanclub (I know it technically wasn’t released in ’01, but it was pretty much all I listened to.)
3) Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns
4) Ghost World
5) Sweet Potato Pancakes, Pancake Pantry, Nashville
6) Trading Spaces
7) Kitty shoes
8) Rock City, Chattanooga, TN
9) Secret Box, the Chills
10) Grilled fruit

Ally Board of Lovejoy

top ten foods 2001:
1. White chocolate wedding cake
2. Applewood smoked cheese
3. Salt and black pepper kettle chips
4. Black olive and feta salad
5. Roasted pepper and cream cheese baguette
6. White chocolate magnums
7. Marks and Spencer’s potato and rosemary bread
8. Covent Garden wild mushroom soup
9. Corn chips and houmus
10. Mrs Preece’s raspberry cheesecake

Jimmy Tassos, Matinée mogul

Top eleven songs NOT released on Matinée in 2001:
1. The Lucksmiths – Self Preservation (Drive In)
2. Spearmint – Julie Christie! (Hitback/Apricot)
3. Clearlake – I Want To Live In A Dream (Dusty Company)
4. Pipas – Wells Street (Long Lost Cousin)
5. Kosmonaut – Was It You? (Motorway)
6. Tompaulin – On The Buses (Ugly Man)
7. Beaumont – Discotheque á la Carte (Siesta)
8. Astronaut – Save Me (Fierce Panda)
9. Would-Be-Goods – Sugar Mummy (Fortuna Pop!)
10. Simpático – Joan Of Arc (Shelflife)
11. Edson – I Wanna Be Alone (Summersound)