2003 Artist Favorites!
Tali White of The Lucksmiths and The Guild League

favorite bands? Mosquitos, Currituck Co. Steinbecks, Aislers Set, Zebras, Sodastream, Decembrists.
favorite records? The Steinbecks – Branches and Fronds, The Mosquitos – Teenage Frustration, Outkast – Hey Ya!
favorite live experiences? The Decemberists @ Magic Marker House in Portland OR, Sodastream in Nottingham, The Tidy-Ups in Stockholm.
favorite films? The Man Without A Past, No Man’s Land (on video), The Return of the King, Winged Migration.
favorite reads? The Age (Melbourne), The Guardian (UK), David Attenborough’s “Life on Air.”
favorite discoveries? Turkish eggplant dishes, ‘birds nest baclava’, Rochester Vermont, Cooper’s beer in Santa Barbara, married life.
favorite anything else? luxury: thick bathrobes and Malaysian food.
tips for 2004? VOTE! (Australia and the USA in particular need some peaceful regime change).

Marc Elston of The Liberty Ship

favorite bands? The usual suspects I’m afraid….Shack have produced yet another great album this year.
favorite records? Slipslide – The World Can Wait (yes I know but I love it), Shack-…Here’s Tom with the Weather, Super Furry Animals – Phantom Power, The Go-Betweens – Bright Yellow, Bright Orange.
favorite live experiences? Love – Birmingham Academy, Shack – Rescue Rooms (Nottingham). I’ve enjoyed all the gigs we’ve played this year even the one supporting the glam metal band in Leicester!
favorite films? I’d like to mention something foreign and meaningful but Pirates of the Caribbean was fun.
favorite reads? The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time-Mark Haddon, BBC History Magazine (Ho-Hum).
favorite discoveries? I really enjoyed the Kathryn Williams album and never really expected to. The Anthony Gormley exhibition at the Baltic Flour Mill in Newcastle was a good day out.
tips for 2004? A new X.T.C. album please, Knighthoods for Edwyn Collins and Roddy Frame, More gigs please – we are gagging to play abroad, Newcastle United to win some Silverware this season.

Lupe Nuñez-Fernandez of Pipas and Would-Be-Goods

favorite bands? airliner, camera obscura, the clientele, dutronc, free loan investments <sigh>, the frenchmen, kevin shields soundtracks, the legends, the lucksmiths, the pines, the real tuesday weld, the speed of sound.
favorite records? a little distraction, the lucksmiths; anita o’day, the pines; california morning, the young tradition; ewan, radio dept; oh mercy, the andersson tapes; unlucky day, the frenchmen; up against the legends, the legends; 19 favorites from the mosquitoes.
favorite live experiences? out hud and buck 65 and lali puna sometime early in the year makes me feel all nostalgic. the backyard party at the popfest, finally hearing the lucksmiths live and being unable to bat an eyelid. going to genoa, playing at a sauna, eating farinata. wearing ridiculous outfits and singing sha-la-la with honey & the hucksters, well that was bigger than life. but touring the world with mark (and sometimes jimmy!), best thing ever.
favorite films? 2003 was a poor film year but all my fault: the year i decided to go without glasses, a foolish foolish mistake! but from what i could fuzzily see i liked dracula by guy maddin, cheating cause i just saw it last week. talk to her was the first almodovar film i’ve, like, liked, historical. and even though it was kind of cheesy i also now have a soft spot for absolute beginners. and for spirited away, though not for princess mononoke as of yet.
favorite reads (yet to finish)? eccentric spaces by robert harbison cause it helped me get lost, yoga for people who can’t be bothered to do it by geoff dyer cause i still get starstruck, shinjuku by daido moriyama cause it made me want to take pictures more than ever, paris never ends by enrique vila-matas for the laughs, godard at 70 by colin maccabe for the juicy gossip, tropical truth by caetano veloso to soothe my ignorance, historien om guldfisken by roger mauge because it is a monumental piece of work and awe-inspiring, vernacular drawings by SETH because it’s just so full of love, gail’s anti-fashion column because this chick needs as many tips as she can get, and hard times by charles dickens, but of course i’ve given up on that one.
favorite moments/things? three names recited over loudspeakers at a london airport, over and over again, and us running fast fast fast and bonding for life! rudee and grego and tommy and amanda and toby our beloved honorary drummers! living with the awesome life force that is ms gail and being neighbors once again with who else but dearest mr pidg. east end boys and girls. plotting to open a taqueria on brick lane and becoming a millionaire. going to crystal palais on pilgrimages. riding a train to birmingham to listen to crazy 80s rockstars. meeting jimmy’s beautiful and complex kitties. popping my knee out during sound check in san francisco, popping it back in. driving, i mean being driven, up the west coast, having a picnic on the strip mall. and realizing, at last, that california is the place for me. two more: iggy my new nephew, and all guests who passed and shall be chez gailu!
predictions for 2004? it’s going to be the year of adventure, i can tell already. want to get a haircut. watch 1000 films. liberate lobsters in madrid cafes. persuade somebody rich and influential to put out the treasure of the dork bogarde. quit everything and start again. go to san sebastian. surfs up i hear. happy new year!

Keris Howard of Harper Lee and Brighter

2003 Highlights:
1/ “Hail to the Thief” Radiohead (LP)
2/ England qualifying for the Euro Footie Championships
3/ Dawn and Tim finally getting together on “The Office” (TV)
4/ “The Hours” (Film)
5/ Alex Parks winning Fame Academy
6/ Harper Lee playing Spain in February
7/ Richard X presents his X-Factor Vol 1 (LP)
8/ “Us” Mull Historical Society (LP)
9/ Soul Calibur II on the Playstation 2
10/ “Intacto” (Film)

Jason Sweeney of Simpático and Sweet William

favorite records? “A Strangely Isolated Place” – Ulrich Schnauss; “Sea Change” – Beck; “Dark Island” – Pram; “Come here when you sleepwalk” – Clue to Kalo; “Hail to the Thief” – Radiohead; “You Are Free” – Cat Power; “One Bedroom” – The Sea & Cake; Library Records Retrospective Compilation; “Fire In the Forest” single – David Sylvian.
favorite live experiences? Múm live in Adelaide, South Australia; hanging out with friends in Melbourne (a rare live experience these days); rehearsing with the new Simpático boy-band; Watching ‘Genesi – From the Museum of Sleep’ – a performance work by Societtas Raffaello Sanzio.
favorite films? Ararat (Dir. Atom Egoyan); Japanese Story (Dir. Sue Brooks); The Hours (Dir. Stephen Daldry).
favorite reads? “From Nothing to Zero: Letters from Refugees in Australian Detention Centres” (all Australian’s must read this); “Italian Witchcraft” by Raven Grimassi; Re-reading the Jean Genet back catalogue; Adbusters No War issue; “My Loose Thread” by Dennis Cooper.
favorite discoveries? That John Howard could possibly NOT win the next Australian election. That man HAS to go. When will Australia finally realise it needs its first indigenous prime minister? Or how about we give Natasha Stott-Despoja a chance?
favorite anything else? eternal love: Joshua. It’ll never end.

Gregory Webster of Sportique and Razorcuts

favorite bands? Grandaddy.
favorite records? In The Place of Silver Eaves – Aerospace, Sumday – Grandaddy.
favorite live experiences? As a spectator, Arthur Lee & Love on the Forever Changes tour in Oxford (specifically, the first 30 seconds of Alone Again Or). As a performer, the first show with my solo band, The Shadows of Doubt, at the San Francisco Pop Holiday.
favorite films? City of God – this is a truly magnificent film. I saw it the same week I went to see Gangs of New York and it left Scorsese looking like yesterday’s papers. Spirited Away – I was transfixed by this wonderful animation. Have made a mental note to check out Miyazaki’s other work, which I’m shamefully unfamiliar with.
favorite reads? On the book front, I’ve belatedly been getting acquainted with the works of George P Pelecanos. Magazinewise, I’m picking up Icon pretty regularly these days.
favorite discoveries? Not exactly a new discovery, but the Bridget Riley retrospective at Tate Britain was a most welcome reminder of the wonders of op art.
favorite anything else? Favourite Fish: The Stingray. You can stroke these totally cool beasts at the London Aquarium. They’ve got seahorses there too.
tips for 2004? A tip for George & Tony: Stop invading other people’s countries.

Dick Preece of Lovejoy and The Snowdrops

favorite bands (ever…)? The Smiths, Dexys, Field Mice, Sex Pistols, Biff Bang Pow!
favorite records? Groove Armada CD, Love Box Remixes, Bent the Everlasting Blink lp, DJ Shadow The Private Press, The Clientele – The Violet Hour, Biff Bang Pow! – Waterbomb, Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.
favorite live experiences? The Soft Pop Tour – Harper Lee, Trembling Blue Stars and Lovejoy, Spain, February 2003. Thank you Angel! Ally would say Belle and Sebastian, Brighton, December 2003.
favorite films? Alfie sings George the Giant (Dir. R. Preece 2003).
favorite reads? As ever, anything by Coupland, Wallpaper Zoo by KG.
favorite discoveries? Mallorca, Korg PXR4, Norman guitars.
favorite anything else? Favourite month of 2003: July.
tips for 2004? 1. Don’t ever ever ever trust your insurance company. Or their loss adjusters. Ever. Not even a bit. 2. Get some sleep. 3. Make a record. 4. Keep practicing the Pro Evo Soccer. 5. Get some more sleep.

Roy Thirlwall of The Windmills and Melodie Group

favorite bands? broadcast and the butterflies of love.
favorite records? ‘anita o’day’ by the pines (song), ‘dear catastrophe waitress’ by belle & sebastian (album).
favorite live experiences? go-betweens at the astoria, bridget riley retrospective at tate britain, bob dylan at wembley arena, sportique at bitterscene, saloon at bitterscene.
favorite films? ‘far from heaven’ if that was 2003.
favorite reads? ‘words & music’ paul morley (book), ‘sound on sound’ (magazine), the frying pan.
favorite discoveries? ‘peep show’ on channel 4.
favorite anything else? confectionery: joosters.

Peter Momtchiloff of Would-Be-Goods

favorite band? Broadcast.
favorite records? Rufus Wainwright – Want One, Cat Power – You Are Free.
favorite live experience? The A-Lines.
favorite film? Spirited Away.
favorite read? Will Self – Great Apes.
favorite anything else? places to eat, drink, and wander around: Belgium, Budapest, Mallorca.
tips for 2004? Franz Ferdinand.

Sineval Santos of Pale Sunday

favorite bands? the lucksmiths, spengler tenglers (brasil), the smittens, the diskettes, nixon, hey miss! (brasil), days like postcards…
favorite records? i heard a lot of wonderful songs last year, some of them: northern angel (the liberty ship), girl with sunglasses (the disketes), to feel alive (spengler tenglers), all my time with you (nixon), no me digas que me quieres (vacaciones), firefly (hey miss!)…
favorite live experiences? few shows last year :(
favorite films? i saw ‘thirteen’, and is a strong film. spider-man (hey, i love comics), carandiru (brasil)
favorite reads? i read a lot of old books like about a boy (nick hornby), the pianoplayers (anthony burgess), and a lot of technical books(college).
favorite discoveries? a lot of new indiepop bands especially in brazil, sweden and philippines.
favorite anything else? i love paper zines and my favorites are esquizofrenia by gilberto (a fantastic popkid) and biff bang pop! by glaidson (another fantastic popkid from brazil). e-zine: indiepop.it (salvatore is a very nice guy).
tips for 2004? internet: a fantastic place to meet nice people and to know wonderful bands.

Keith Girdler of The Snowdrops and Lovejoy

favorite bands? Simpático, Kraftwerk, Groove Armada.
favorite records? Frontin’ by Pharell Williams and Jay Z.
favorite live experiences? Lovejoy in my living room, December 2003.
favorite films? didn’t see a film in 03, sorry.
favorite reads? Night Listener by A. Maupin.
favorite discoveries? cafe latte.
favorite anything else? pet: cat.
tips for 2004? eat more fruit. little britain.

Sean Price of Airport Girl

favorite bands? Herman Dune. ‘Mas Cambios’ was enough. ‘Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom’ DAMN NEAR BLEW MY MIND.
favorite records? longplayers… ‘Mas Cambios’/’Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom’ – Herman Dune; ‘The Decline of…’ – British Sea Power; ‘You Are Free’ – Cat Power; …45s… ‘Seven Nation Army’ – The White Stripes; ‘Hey Ya!’ – Outkast; ‘Teenager’ – Camera Obscura; ‘Crazy in Love’ – Beyonce; ’12:51′ – The Strokes;… songs… ’39 Down’ – Lloyd Cole (tho’ possibly from 1996); ‘Wildest Dream’ – Slipslide/ ‘Southernmost’ – Would-Be-Goods; ‘Stay Loose’ – Belle and Sebastian.
favorite live experiences? British Sea Power at Truck Fest, Jeff Lewis at GoJonnyGoGoGo3, Billy Bragg at Reading (the ideal antidote to Damon Albarn’s main stage pomposity). Thank heaven for festivals or I’d never see anyone.
favorite films? City of God; Etre et Avoir; Johnny Depp’s mid-seventies Bowie impression in Pirates of the Caribbean.
favorite reads? ‘The Corrections’ – Jonathan Frantzen; ‘Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry’ – B. S. Johnson; ‘A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius’ – Dave Eggers; The Guardian; The Which Good Food Guide 2002; Timeout guides to Madrid and Barcelona.
favorite discoveries? Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre; H&M jeans; cd burners and wireless broadband; Marks and Spencer’s organic ale; Boca deli.
favorite anything else? A billion people in the streets in February against their lousy war, and again in April; watching ‘High Society’ in a 1930s cinema in Spoleto, Italy; The ginger genius that is Paul Scholes; The Late Review; Jon Snow interviewing Alistair Campbell; Senor Robert Perris, his guitar and his enthusiasm; Hanging out in Spain with The Lucksmiths and Airport Girl and Pipas and Jimmy, all the sweetest people in the world in one place; Being in Brixton and on the tube again in our fabulous new flat with the wind in my hair and my girl on my arm.
tips for 2004? Franz Ferdinand, The Shins and Wayne Rooney have all blown their wads already. I’ll have a fiver on the 100-1 tips Bearsuit, The Customers, The More Paranoids and Christiano Ronaldo.

Jimmy Tassos of Matinée Recordings

favorite bands (…not on Matinée)? The Radio Dept., Clearlake.
favorite records (…not on Matinée)? The Radio Dept. – Lesser Matters and Pulling Our Weight EP, Pipas – Golden Square, The Lucksmiths – Naturaliste, Clearlake – Cedars, Camera Obscura – Underachievers, Please Try Harder, The Legends – Up Against the Legends, Ballboy – A Guide for the Daylight Hours, The Raveonettes – That Great Love Sound EP, James Kirk – You Can Make It If You Boogie.
favorite live experiences? San Francisco Pop Holiday; Harper Lee, Lovejoy, The Lucksmiths, Pipas, and Airport Girl in Spain!
favorite films? City of God, Confessions of A Dangerous Mind, Man On The Train, Laurel Canyon, The Man Without A Past, Heaven, À la folie..pas du tout, 21 Grams.
favorite reads? love notes from Mary, PRINT and Metropolis magazines, “Songs That Saved Your Life” by Simon Goddard, In Love With These Times, Tangents, Wide Open Road.
favorite discoveries? 1950 Favor scooter print by J.P. Bellenger (art), ferrari red Francis Francis! espresso machine (drink/objet d’art), Heywood Wakefield rotating coffee table (eBay score), Rotten Tomatoes.
favorite anything else? Matinée/Shelflife picnic at the SF Pop Holiday; Pipas and The Lucksmiths and Gregory Webster living large in Santa Barbara; Spanish hospitality.
tips for 2004? the return of North Carolina basketball (finally) and Morrissey!

Chris Mac of IndiePages

favorite new bands? Thermals, Frenchmen, Pale Sunday, Postal Service, Radio Dept., Showbag!, Sprites, Cabrini, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Pas/Cal, Exploding Hearts (RIP), Sorry
favorite records? full-lengths by the Thermals, Hot Hot Heat, Ted Leo, Joel Plaskett Emergency, Sloan, the Salteens, the Exploding Hearts, Postal Service, Showbag!, & Grandaddy; singles by Pale Sunday, the Frenchmen, the Young Tradition, the Lucksmiths, Sorry, Pas/Cal, Hot Hot Heat, the Catalysts, Plastic Mastery & the Film Stills
favorite live experiences? getting to sing for Sloan on stage in Canada; seeing Danny McDonald in Australia, the Frenchmen (please come back!), seeing the Luckys five times in two months, and almost all of the 2003 SF Popfest
favorite discoveries? discovering and eventually becoming completely obsessed with late 70s UK mod and early 80s US power pop via the “Shake Some Action” and “Teen Line” comp cd series; the holy trinity of my Liteon standalone DivX player, a fast dvd-burner and Netflix
favorite anything else? Arianne & I spending a month in Australia – best trip ever!
wishes for 2004? This has got to be the year for the indiepop bug to hit Seattle! Then maybe more Matinée bands could play here…