2013 Artist Favorites

Bart Cummings of Bart and Friends

081 sleeveTobias Isaksson of Azure Blue

CD63 sleeveLauren Kerchner of September Girls

085 sleeveStefan Larsen of Northern Portrait

CD66 sleeveLawrence McCluskey of Bubblegum Lemonade and Strawberry Whiplash

CD67 sleeveJosh Meadows of The Sugargliders and The Steinbecks

088 sleevePeter Momtchiloff of Would-Be-Goods

CD47 sleeveMark Monnone of The Lucksmiths and Bart and Friends

CD68 sleeveMelanie Whittle of The Hermit Crabs

084 sleeveJimmy Tassos of Matinée Recordings

Thirteen hits on other labels in 2013:

1. Glasvegas – Later…When The TV Turns To Static (BMG)
2. Love Dance – Safe Sounds (Beko)
3. Crocodiles – She Splits Me Up (French Kiss)
4. September Girls – Some For Me (Art for Blind)
5. The Wedding Present – Two Bridges (Scopitones)
6. The Fireworks – Runaround (Shelflife)
7. Amor de Dias – Jean’s Waving (Merge)
8. Glasvegas – If (BMG)
9. Crocodiles – Un Chant D’amour (French Kiss)
10. Franz Ferdinand – Evil Eye (Domino)
11. Charlie Big Time – A Sunday Afternoon Well Spent (Jigsaw)
12. Afraid of Stairs – I Lit Up (Dufflecoat)
13. Camera Obscura – Every Weekday (4AD)