Airport Girl(5)

Airport Girl is Rob Price, Señor Rob Perris, Rich Blackburn, Dave Hill, Jon 'Softsticks' Troy and Sean Price... with Rob Fleay, Tom McClure and Sheila Butter when they feel like it. The band are scattered across the cities of London, Nottingham and Bristol in England, although several members have not been heard of for some time. At some point they held that coveted title of slowest group on Matinée.

Azure Blue(8) Azure Blue

Azure Blue is the solo project from Tobias Isaksson, known to some from the Swedish Labrador bands Laurel Music and Irene. The project started in 2010 after a relocation from Gothenburg to Stockholm. The name is a paraphrase of Dennis Wilson's "Pacific Ocean Blue". Azure Blue's music is timeless yet modern—honest, pure and wise like Paul Auster's The Red Notebook. It makes you laugh and cry and pick up a novel.

Bart and Friends(3) Bart and Friends

Bart and Friends consists of Bart Cummings, Mark Monnone, Louis Richter, Jeremy Cole and alternate vocalists Pam Berry or Scott Stevens. You may recognize some of them from prior lives in quality pop acts The Cat's Miaow, Hydroplane, The Lucksmiths, Mid State Orange, Pencil Tin, The Pines, The Shapiros, Summer Cats and The Zebras, among others.

Bella Vista(1)

Bella Vista were Mark Powell, Leonard Roberge and Jennifer Robbins. They lived in Philadelphia, PA at the time but now are split between Washington, DC and New York City.


Alison Cousens, Keris Howard and Alex Sharkey were Brighter. They broke our hearts from 1989 to 1993 while quietly attaining the "best band on Sarah Records" award. Who knew they would shine among the Matinée roster ten years later?

Bubblegum Lemonade(16) Bubblegum Lemonade

The Velvets meets the Byrds meets the Mary Chain. Bubblegum Lemonade is principally a man called Laz, a 12 string Rickenbacker enthusiast from Glasgow, Scotland who also moonlights with Strawberry Whiplash. His favourite authors are Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Coupland, Nick Hornby, Ray Bradbury and Alexei Sayle.

Catenary Wires(1) Catenary Wires

The Catenary Wires is a new band formed by Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, best known for making fuzzy, sixties girl-group inspired indie-pop in their previous bands Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. With the Catenary Wires, they have created something gentler, more emotive and melancholy, although still fuelled by their great love for pop melodies and harmonies.

Cats On Fire(6) Cats On Fire

Cats on Fire was formed late 2001 in Vasa, Finland. The group consists of Mattias Björkas (vocals, acoustic guitar), Ville Hopponen (electric guitar), Kenneth Höglund (bass guitar), Iiris Viljanen (piano, backing vocals), and Yrjö Ylijoki (drums).

Champagne Riot(1)

Champagne Riot is Caspar Bock and Anders Reuter. Recording from a damp basement in the violent suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark they make electronic pop songs, which are true, honest, necessary and straight from the heart. Their universe is part rebellion, part romance. Part sugar, part lunacy. 0% phony and 100% real. No compromises, no common sense and no plan B. This is "all in" pop music.

Charlie Big Time(2) Charlie Big Time

Charlie Big Time are Matthew Pendlebury, Beth Arzy and Chris Tiplady. Following releases on Cloudberry and Series Two Records as a duo, Matt and Chris met former Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars vocalist Beth Arzy and the three have been fast friends ever since. They come from Bolton, England and they might just be your new favorite band.

Clay Hips Clay Hips

Andrew Leavitt and Kenji Kitahama are Clay Hips. Andrew lives in Finland and Kenji lives in Germany. They've known each other for years but recently got back together to record a set of songs and to launch this new project.


Pelle Carlberg, Filip Carvell, Helena Söderman, Mårten Josjö, Mats Deltin and Ulf Lundberg are edson. They hail from Stockholm, Sweden.


Ego are Marc Collombet, David Frayssinet, Yvan Ros and Emmanuel Vigne. They were once from Montpellier, France but appear to have fallen down a deep dark hole.

Electric Pop Group(6)

The Electric Pop Group was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2005 by brothers and songwriters Erik Aamot (vocals and guitar) and Martin Aamot (guitar, keyboards, drum programming and vocals). When playing live, they are joined by Jimmi Thunholm (bass) and Gustaf Murman (guitar).


The Fairways are Brent Kenji, Andrew Leavitt, Jen Cohen, Keiko Kayamoto and Chantel Patterson. They come from San Francisco but you may find them quicker on the streets of Tokyo.

Guild League(6) Guild League

Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Guild League morphed from a 16 person recording experiment into a solid super-group of six accomplished musicians from a variety of different bands and musical backgrounds. The line-up consists of frontman Tali White (also of The Lucksmiths), lead-cellist/bassist Cressida Griffith, sax prodigy Gus Rigby, drummer about town Phil Collings, trumpet from Roger Clark, and guitar magic from Basic Shape's Gerry Eeman. Their long-awaited third album Speak Up is out now!

Happy Couple(2)

The Happy Couple are Janehoney and Tom Hilverkus. Jane sings and Tom plays the guitar. They have released one single, 'The Four Seasons EP', on their own small label Félicité. Occasionally they play live and do some dj-spots, preferably abroad... Apart from that, they lead quiet lives in Hamburg, Germany. Their favourite pastimes are hanging around and romantic jet-setting.

Harper Lee(9)

In 1999, Keris Howard and Laura Bridge formed Harper Lee in Brighton, England. Named after the famous American author of the classic novel "To Kill A Mockingbird," their plan was to release just one brilliant single ("Dry Land"), take the world by storm, and then withdraw from the public eye just as Lee did following the success of her single novel. Luckily for us, the profits from that debut single did not allow the band an early retirement and they continue creating classic releases to this day.

Hermit Crabs(7) Hermit Crabs

The Hermit Crabs are Melanie Whittle joined by different people at different times. They call Glasgow, Scotland home.


Kosmonaut is Geoff Suggett, Stephen Maughan, Richard Patterson, Karl Whitfield and Jonathan Whitfield. They come from County Durham in the north of England.

Last Leaves(3) Last Leaves

Based around the songwriting of Marty Donald, Last Leaves is a more sonically adventurous proposition to his earlier band The Lucksmiths. Calling in old bandmates Mark Monnone and Louis Richter on bass and guitar respectively, and with the addition of drummer Noah Symons (Great Earthquake), the result is a more panoramic, dreamy sound, to blend with the variation in lyrical direction. Having recently moved from the city to the hills outside of Melbourne, Marty Donald's new material has largely forsaken his familiar inner-suburban milieu for the open spaces beyond — for coastal hamlets, country highways and mountainside motels. Last Leaves have been working with UK producer Gareth Parton (The Go! Team, Big Scary, Foals) on their long-anticipated debut album which will be out in October, 2017.

Liberty Ship(3)

The Liberty Ship is a Pop group from Nottingham in the heart of olde England. Steve, Rachel, Marc and Tim gave us two splendid singles and the warmly received debut album 'Tide'.


Lovejoy is Richard Preece, in collaboration with Ally Board, Keith Girdler and Paul Stewart. They lead a simple life just outside Brighton, England.


The Lucksmiths were set on foot in a bayside suburb of Melbourne back in the early '90s, and have since survived high school, university, several world tours, and most recently, their Saturn Returning years to continue beguiling audiences with their songs of modern front-porch romance. Mark, Louis, Tali and Marty are your boys, and en bloc all they need are straight-through-the-heart melodies and a jangly guitar (or two).

Math And Physics Club(14)

Math and Physics Club is, left to right, Charles (vocals), James (guitar), and Ethan (bass). They started playing together in 2004 in Seattle, Washington.

Melodie Group(6)

Melodie Group is mainly Roy Thirlwall. Like all the greatest groups, Melodie Group tread a dangerous line between fiction and non-fiction.


Monterey was Ed, Jon, Jill, Jed and Karen and they lived in New York City. It ended all too soon but we have one sparkling 7" to remember them always. There are rumors of additional secret recordings...

My darling YOU!(1) My darling YOU!

Christoffer Johansson and Klas Hermansson are My darling YOU! They formed in Göteborg, Sweden in 2004 and released 12 records over the next eight years before disappearing. Now they are back.

Northern Portrait(8)

Formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 2007, Northern Portrait is a band who's raison d'être is the making of sophisticated pop music. Thus, Northern Portrait is the sound of elegantly driving guitars, the energy of sometimes gently outrageous lyrics and the mood of late autumn afternoons in the city. Northern Portrait are (left to right) Michael Sørensen, Stefan Larsen, Caspar Bock Sørensen, and Jesper Bonde.

Pale Sunday(5)

Pale Sunday is Az, Tiago, Sineval and Gustavo. They live in Jardinopolis, outside São Paulo, Brazil.

Perfect English Weather(6) Perfect English Weather

The Perfect English Weather are Simon and Wendy Pickles, a duo from Brighton taking time out from The Popguns to create an enchanting collection of odes to overcast afternoons in seaside cafes, conversations with cats, and weekend adventures to cancelled Morrissey concerts.


The Pines are Pamela Berry and Joe Brooker. They are headquartered in the South London enclave of Crystal Palace and they throw the best parties on the planet.


Pipas are Lupe Nuñez-Fernandez and Mark Powell (if a duo can be considered a band or a gang, then they are). They live nearby in east London and roam the streets in search of bagels and coffee, free running farm animals and free time to continue creating newer and greater songs. Short, bittersweet... With three albums, a couple of singles, numerous compilation appearances and a spot of international touring in the past three years, they've set a reckless pace for themselves! They have a certain disregard for the rigours and cliches of being a band. i.e. paying your dues, practicing a lot, being "tight" and owning amplifiers.

Popguns(6) Popguns

Brighton's foremost indie pop band out and about again after nearly 20 years of repose. The Popguns are Pat Walkington, Tony Bryant, Kate Mander, Wendy Pickles, Simon Pickles, and Greg Dixon.


"During their five years together, Razorcuts embodied everything beautiful about indiepop: jingle-jangle guitars, vocals whose passionate engagement forgave any technical shortcomings, and a romantically passive worldview that any cautiously optimistic young person could understand. Tim Vass and Gregory Webster looked like auxilliary Byrds, wrote heartbreaking songs, and dissolved the group at just the right moment." Michael White, Rough Trade Indiepop 1

Red Sleeping Beauty(5) Red Sleeping Beauty

Stockholm synth pop trio Red Sleeping Beauty combines their love for timeless pop melodies with a fondness for vintage (and virtual) synthesisers. This made Popmatters name their 2016 album Kristina the sixth best indie pop album of the year.

Remember Fun(1)

Remember Fun have been Steven Dunbar, John Eslick, Mark Eslick, Mark Kane, Martin MacDonald, Raymond MacDonald, Philip Salvin, John Seenan, Paul Seenan, Andrew Smith, Colin Smith, and John Smith. They came from Scotland.

Royal Landscaping Society(2) Royal Landscaping Society

The Royal Landscaping Society started in Seville (Spain) in 2012 as a solo project, then expanded into a band and eventually shrunk again into a duo with Cris Romero (vocals, guitar, synths and machines) and David Vidal (bass, bass synth). With an obvious love for the breezier side of indiepop, the RLS mix crystalline guitars and primitive electronics in a sound described as “shimmery romantic pop”. The story so far includes an eponymous debut mini-album on Beko Disques in 2014 and a series of compilation appearances on Little Treasure, La Souterraine, Cloudberry, Beko, February and TBTCI as well as appearances at the Birmingham Popfest, Indietracks, and the Verbena Pop tour in Germany.

Seabirds(1) Seabirds

Seabirds are a five piece guitar pop band from Nottingham, England who make melodic pop songs with loud guitars and their voices. Following a handful of shows in Nottingham and London, the band was selected to play this year's Indietracks Festival. Their debut release is the 'Real Tears' 7" and they may soon be your favorite new band of the year.

September Girls(4) September Girls

September Girls are a five piece girl group hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Once described as "sounds from a transistor radio abandoned in a rural cinema", this is reverb soaked noise pop of the finest order, with distant layered harmonies, swirling organ, and distorted guitars. Their sound recreates a "Girls In The Garage"-aware take on Spector's wall of sound. Formed in September 2011, the band released a cassette on Glasgow's Soft Power label in April 2012, which sold out worldwide within a week. Their summer was spent recording and writing in their practice space, followed by a successful tour in the UK including a lauded performance at the cult Indietracks Festival. Autumn sees the band return to the UK for more shows alongside the scheduled release of a trio of 7 inch EPs with Soft Power Records in Scotland, Matinée Recordings in California, and Art For Blind Records in Ireland.


The Siddeleys were Johnny Johnson, Allan Kingdom, Andrew Brown and David Clynch. They lived the high life in London, England in the late 1980's.


From Adelaide, Australia, Simpático is the one-person project of Jason Sweeney. Formerly of Sweet William, Jason also writes and records with numerous other musical projects and collaborations: Pretty Boy Crossover, Par Avion, Luxury Gap and Other People's Children. With a sporadic output of recordings and compilation appearances since 1999, Simpático always returns to the simplicity of melody, lyricism and home recording.


Graeme Elston, Brychan Todd, Dave Masterman and Matthew Hawes are Slipslide. They live in London, England and some say they have released the finest album on Matinée.


Keith Girdler, Pam Berry, and Dick Preece were the Snowdrops, moonlighting from their dayjobs with The Pines and Lovejoy.


When Gregory Webster’s 80s outfit Razorcuts hit the scene, their curious collision of influences - from the Buzzcocks to Joy Division to the Beau Brummels - was essentially a happy accident. That could never be said of Sportique, Gregory’s band since 1997, who artfully give a nod and a wink (and occasionally a baseball bat around the head) to a wide variety of influences from the 60s through the 80s and beyond. Whilst the indiepop heritage of the line-up (Sir Mark from the TVPs and McTells plus Amelia & Rob from Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research, and Tender Trap) resonates throughout, Sportique have slowly steered the template into more experimental waters, both musically and lyrically.

Steinbecks(5) Steinbecks

The Steinbecks emerged from the ashes of ’90s indie pop act The Sugargliders, after the ’gliders had released ten 7” singles, including six for legendary English label Sarah Records. The Australian brothers at the heart of the group, Josh and Joel Meadows, write emotionally honest pop songs about the world as they experience it. They record them with multi-instrumentalists Matt Sigley (Earthmen, Daytime Frequency), Joseph Bromley, and Jerry Rinse.

Strawberry Whiplash(7)

Strawberry Whiplash is a Noise Pop band hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. They have built a feedback wall of sunshine sound out of old fuzz boxes and reverbed drums. Laz plays the instruments and Sandra sings.

Sugargliders(1) Sugargliders

In a short career between 1990 and 1994 the Sugargliders released ten singles and one album. These two boys – Josh Meadows was 19 when they started, his brother Joel 16 – from Melbourne, Australia, wrote simple, original pop songs, brimming with an unpolished emotional honesty that earned the band an international following. A Nest with a View collects, for the first time, their finest moments for Melbourne’s Summershine and for legendary English pop label Sarah Records.

Sweet William(2)

Sweet William was Jason Sweeney, Louey Hart, Karl Melvin and Dr. Rhythm. They were born in Torrensville, South Australia in 1995 and dispersed in 1999.

Tender Trap(6)

Tender Trap is Amelia Fletcher, Rob Pursey, and John Stanley. The band started in 2001 in London with the idea to record two-minute songs without middle 8s or excessive choruses. The three were previously in Marine Research…before that Rob and Amelia were in Heavenly and before that Amelia was in Talulah Gosh. More recently, Rob and Amelia moonlighted in Sportique while John continued his double life as DJ Downfall.

Tinsel Heart Tinsel Heart

Formed in Malmö, Sweden 2016, Tinsel Heart set out to try and make the kind of pop music they would love to discover themselves: straightforward songs with heartfelt lyrics and jangly guitars. Tinsel Heart is Petter Leijon, Sebastian Dahlberg, Daniél Plaza and Magnus Annemark.


For one day, Uni were Brent Kitahama, Alicia Vanden Heuvel, Jen Cohen and Jaime Knight, moonlighting from their dayjobs with The Fairways, Poundsign, and Aislers Set.


Stuart Troop, Paul Hooper, Christian Jones, Jon Cleary, Tim Hopkins and David Griffiths were The Visitors at various times between 1986 and 1988. They were based in Devon, England but can now be found in various bars in Bristol, Tokyo, London, Sydney and elsewhere.


The Windmills are Tony Pankhurst, Roy Thirlwall, Dan Pankhurst and Rob Clarke. They dragged themselves from the Thames Estuary mud many years ago, learned to walk, invented the wheel and fashioned simple instruments from electricity and firewood. Turn your face to the watery English sun and you might pick up their lovelorn and bitter primordial twitchings drifting with the mist over the Essex flatlands.


Jessica Griffin, Peter Momtchiloff, Debbie Green and Andy Warren are would-be-goods. They reside in London, England.

Young Tradition(3)

The Young Tradition was Brent Kenji from California and Erik Hanspers from Sweden.