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"During their five years together, Razorcuts embodied everything beautiful about indiepop: jingle-jangle guitars, vocals whose passionate engagement forgave any technical shortcomings, and a romantically passive worldview that any cautiously optimistic young person could understand. Tim Vass and Gregory Webster looked like auxilliary Byrds, wrote heartbreaking songs, and dissolved the group at just the right moment." Michael White, Rough Trade Indiepop 1

matinée releases:
R Is For Razorcuts CD
October 2002
R Is For Razorcuts CD
A Is For Alphabet CDEP
matinée 047
April 2003
A Is For Alphabet CDEP
other releases:
  • split flexi with the Wolfhounds (Legend!, 1986)
  • Big Pink Cake 7" (Subway Records, 1986)
  • Sorry To Embarass You 7"/12" (Subway Records, 1987)
  • split flexi with Talulah Gosh (Sha La La Records, 1987)
  • I Heard You The First Time 7"/12" (Flying Nun UK Records, 1987)
  • Storyteller LP (Creation Records, 1988)
  • The World Keeps Turning LP (Creation Records, 1989)
  • Sometimes I Worry About You 7" (Caff Records, 1990)
  • Patterns On The Water LP (Creation Records, 1991)