Southernmost 7" EP
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The Lucksmiths - Southernmost 7" EP

matinée 008   /   April 1999
  1. Southernmost
  2. Beer Nut
  3. Paper Planes

For three months in 1998, Australian pop trio the Lucksmiths broke hearts and charmed the world as they played 20 cities in the USA, Canada, England, France, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland. This splendid single features three melodious tracks with pure pop vocals, a sprightly guitar and bass, tambourines, sing-along choruses, and impressive songwriting...perfect for fans of Trash Can Sinatras, Belle & Sebastian, the Housemartins, and the Sugargliders.

Pure pop with a thick Australian accent, the Lucksmiths are inspired by Monkees melodies, and their folk here shines with a lo-fi catchiness that was literally recorded in someone's bedroom. Mostly remaining at a midtempo pace, all three songs are accented with a distortion-free innocence which, at one point, is backed by a choir of vocal harmonies. Clever, bouncy, and gleefully energetic at the same time, the single is packaged with a vestal charm that could appeal to even the most jaded cynics.   --All Music Guide
Amazing jangle pop from Australia and the title track is one of the best songs yet. Get everything with their name on it.   --Dagger