Three Sixty Degrees 7"
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The Windmills - Three Sixty Degrees 7"

matinée 011   /   May 1999
  1. Three Sixty Degrees
  2. Bad Luck Charm

New songs from a legendary mid-80's UK indie group - their first release since 1988's The Day Dawned On Me - featuring excellent male vocals and jangling guitars. Friendly strumming and brilliantly catchy melodies abound on two pop numbers for fans of the Loft, Go-Betweens, East Village, and the Servants.

English boys doing winsome Go-Betweens-inspired pop as effervescent and jangling as you’d expect.   --Chickfactor
Two amazingly sublime bits of Sarah Records-esque indieguitarpop. Probably the best release since the early 90's in this realm of music! Just outstanding...!   --Tone Vendor
Go-Betweens-y band with suave male vocals, and delightfully dreamy guitars. Way good!   --Twee Kitten
A pair of spiraling pop songs from the Essex quartet The Windmills. "Three Sixty Degrees" sounds like a cross between Winter Hours and the Church, to me, infectious and unpretentious. "Bad Luck Charm" mixes in some Translator. 45, black.   --The War Against Silence