At Home And Abroad With The Steinbecks CD (Summershine)

The Steinbecks - At Home And Abroad With The Steinbecks CD (Summershine)

SHINEUS13CD   /   November 1994
  1. Apollo
  2. Geology
  3. Settlement
  4. 2-Star Motel
  5. Which Part Of No Don't You Understand?
  6. Same Light
  7. A Fine Vehicle
  8. Smoking and Driving
  9. Change the Weather
  10. Snakes in the Grass
  11. The Needless and the Homely
  12. Cosmo Cosmopolitan
  13. Listen to My Heart
Recorded just months after the demise of the Sugargliders in 1994, At Home & Abroad.. is the sound of Josh and Joel Meadows spreading their musical wings. The brothers are joined here by Robert Cooper (Earthmen, Pencil Tin), Adam Dennis (Captain Cocoa, the Jordans) and Bianca Lew (Snowblind). Together they create a timeless collection of pop gems, including ‘Geology’, ‘Two Star Motel’, ‘Same Light’ and ‘Listen to My Heart’, all of which are unavailable elsewhere. This US version of the album includes the ‘Apollo’ single, which was not on the Australian release.