Drug Autumn CDEP
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The Windmills - Drug Autumn CDEP

matinée 021   /   October 2000
  1. Everything Is New Each Day
  2. Drug Autumn
  3. Are We Still Where We Were?
  4. Want

New four-song masterpiece from Southend-On-Sea's finest export...their first release since January's well-received debut album Edge of August. From the hip-shaking, beat happening la la la la la's of "Everything Is New Each Day" to the driving guitars of "Are We Still Where We Were" to the haunting melodies of "Drug Autumn" and "Want," the Windmills deliver sublime English guitar pop perfect for fans of the Go Betweens, Weather Prophets, East Village, or Bodines.

The “Drug Autumn” single is Matinée’s “Sensitive”…a pivotal record that kids from Japan will be selling for pots of yen in a few years time.   --Snowbound International Pop Club
It’s on the seasonally mal-adjusted Drug Autumn where the Windmills are at their very best. A tale of taking too many drugs and “listening to Lou Reed records” it deals with the chemically induced negativity and lethargy that drugs bring: “What I gave up was far more precious than what I gained but by then it was already too late…”   --The Essex Chronicle
Jimmy Tassos just continues to crank great records on his Matinee label and here's another one. Brit band led by the elusive Roy Thirlwall and here's four tunes that are very much in the Go Betweens vein. One of these tunes was from their fine “Edge of August” lp You need to own everything on the Matinée label.   --Dagger
'Drug Autumn' is simply gorgeous - a perfect Pop event frozen in time by the finest of sculptors hands.   --Tangents
The Windmills released one single in the 80s but weren't heard of for some time afterwards. There wasn't much of a call for the type of janglepop made by them during most of the 90s, but this type of music is becoming more popular in the pop underground these days so their music doesn't sound anachronistic. Their Drug Autumn EP has four very 80s sounding jangly indiepop songs - good stuff.   --Aquamarine