The Great Leap Backward CD
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Bubblegum Lemonade - The Great Leap Backward CD

matcd077   /   November 2016
 #bubblegum lemonade
  1. Hit The Ground Running
  2. The Last Girl
  3. Beard On A Bike
  4. The Only Constant Is Change
  5. Wishing It Were Friday
  6. Straight To The Heart Of The Sun
  7. The Great Leap Backward
  8. Tongue Tied
  9. Summer In Your Hand
  10. As Dead As Disco
  11. You Bring The Rain
  12. Don't Get The Last Train

The superb new album from Scottish pop partisans Bubblegum Lemonade is the perfect reminder that old school indiepop never goes out of style.

‘The Great Leap Backward’ begins with the pulsating rhythms and big fuzzy chorus of ‘Hit The Ground Running’ and the post apocalyptical pop of ‘The Last Girl’ complete with jangling guitars, Shakespeare quoting, and beautiful vocal harmonies. Meanwhile, first single ‘Beard On A Bike’ is a pop classic, going straight for the jugular with an instantly catchy tale of a psychopath on a cycle path.

‘The Only Constant Is Change’ delivers contemplative pop with amusing word play and a constantly evolving vocal melody, while ‘Wishing It Were Friday’ is a prospective radio hit with plenty of pop culture referencing and some breathtaking 12-string guitars, and ‘Straight To The Heart Of The Sun’ has a more pensive feel with acoustic strumming, tambourines, and clever paraphrasing of the Boss.

Side two kicks off with the driving and assured title track ‘The Great Leap Backward’ with its Dr. Feelgood inspired opening riff and confident instrumentation. ‘Tongue Tied’ is another ace single contender with racing guitars, witty lyrics, and a fuzzy pop chorus, while ‘Summer In Your Hand’ is chiming, reflective pop with a fun psychedelic guitar solo.

The hypnotic ‘As Dead As Disco’ contrasts the bright optimism of Woodstock with the dark reality of Altamont using gently bouncing verses and an abrasive chorus. The album continues with the irresistible pop melodies of singalong smash ‘You Bring The Rain’ and comes to its chugging conclusion with the beautiful harmony guitar work of the effortlessly cool ‘Don’t Get The Last Train.’

Sporting extraordinarily catchy songs, spectacular melodies, and intelligent lyrics, ‘The Great Leap Backward’ is another modern pop classic for the impressive Bubblegum Lemonade catalog.