Don't You Wanna Feel The Rain? CD
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The Perfect English Weather - Don't You Wanna Feel The Rain? CD

matcd083   /   November 2018
 #perfect english weather
  1. Only Shadows
  2. Emigrant Song (What's The Weather?)
  3. Before You Go
  4. Without You
  5. Kisses On The Dancefloor
  6. Air Travel (Interspace)
  7. Rockin' To The Beat
  8. Pennies In The Jar
  9. Better Come Round Soon
  10. The Waves Upon The Shingle
  11. Still
  12. Call Me When The Rain Comes

The Perfect English Weather are a husband and wife duo from Brighton, England, whose musical journey began in the late 1980s as part of the indie-chart regulars The Popguns. Perched on a melodic precipice at the frayed edges of indiedom, their “beautiful, slightly melancholic pop” has drawn comparisons to Everything But The Girl and more recently St Etienne. BBC 6 Music Radio seems to agree, with their songs receiving repeated airplay on the Gideon Coe and Steve Lamacq shows.

The new album “Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain?” is at heart a story of adulthood, with songs meandering around themes of travel and work, family and reminiscence, togetherness and separation. The album’s journey of soundscapes sets out from London City bars through to memories of Ibiza nights, a freezing Warsaw winter and endless air travel, before finally settling in the rivers of Nova Scotia. Reflecting the various locations, situations and characters, the musical styles move in and out of guitar pop, moody electronica and the bare acoustic. The songs’ protagonists may change but the narrative flows consistently throughout, taking the listener through a personal history of estrangement and reunion.