Call Me When The Rain Comes EP
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The Perfect English Weather - Call Me When The Rain Comes EP

matda012   /   May 2019
  1. Call Me When The Rain Comes
  2. How Could I Ever?
  3. She Isn't Counting On A Miracle
  4. Carry Me
The Perfect English Weather release a new four track EP headed by the single 'Call Me When The Rain Comes', a slow builder about emigration, climate change and river fishing walks in Nova Scotia. A big favourite at recent live gigs, this is a new mix of the song originally appearing on the album 'Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain?' and featuring live drums by Jonny Aitken of Spiritualized fame. The EP also comes with three brand new songs exclusive to this release. And you know what? They are all basically your typical Perfect English Weather electro-acoustic classics, so what’s not to love?