Thanks For Letting Me Stay
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My darling YOU! - Thanks For Letting Me Stay

matda016   /   June 2019
  1. Thanks For Letting Me Stay
  2. Spring

Debut Matinée release from excellent Swedish duo My darling YOU! 'Thanks For Letting Me Stay’ is a song about drinking too much and regretting it the next day and it has a fantastic shambolic energy to it that is typical in their recordings. The single includes a bonus track called 'Spring' that is more shouty pop!

Thanks For Letting Me Stay is a track that appeared on the Sorry EP originally released on Luxury Records back in 2011. It’s also now the lead single for a new compilation of this Swedish band’s recordings entitled 'A Dream Come True' which collates tracks from the band’s long sold out EP’s. New material has been mentioned but no word as yet if it will be released on Matinée. As for the band they produced (or should that be produce?) shouty pop that was all the rage in their homeland a decade ago and which is due for a comeback! Who better than My darling YOU! to get the ball rolling?   --Records I Like