Tonight CDEP
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Red Sleeping Beauty - Tonight CDEP

matinée 099   /   July 2019
  1. Tonight
  2. Someone Somewhere
  3. Emma's House
  4. Falling Out Of Love (Four-on-the-Floor version)

Exclusive new EP from Swedish legends Red Sleeping Beauty! The trio of Niklas Angergård, Kristina Borg, and Mikael Matsson formed in the early 1990s and released acclaimed records on numerous international indie labels including Marsh Marigold, Sunday, Siesta, Labrador, and Shelflife so we are truly thrilled to add Matinée to their illustrious discography.

Lead track ‘Tonight’ is an ode to the hopes and possibilities of youthful summer nights, featuring vintage synthesizers and exceptional dual vocals from Niklas and Kristina along with an especially healthy dose of reverb. ‘Someone Somewhere’ is an A-side of its own, featuring enchanting vocals from Kristina, soaring synths, and an insanely catchy chorus that cements its status as a perfect three-minute pop song.

‘Emma’s House’ is a charming cover of the debut Sarah single from English band The Field Mice that builds from a simple and pensive beginning to an electronic and atmospheric conclusion that nicely mirrors the evolution of the original band’s career arc. Final track ‘Falling Out Of Love’ is a massive club hit waiting to happen, with swirling and wonderfully chiming synthesizers racing at an especially impressive beats per minute for maximum dancefloor filling capability.

Released just three months after the smash album ‘Stockholm’ earlier this year, the ‘Tonight’ EP is an extraordinary and essential addition to the Red Sleeping Beauty catalog.

It’s barely been a few weeks since Red Sleeping Beauty dropped the highly recommended 'Stockholm', and already the group are turning around a few extra tunes to go with the 'Tonight' EP/Single. I mean, it only takes an instant to be submerged in a pool of refreshing synth pop; the beats are light and playful from the get-go, driving forward with energy as the chorus comes to fruition. This band just continues to offer up these delectable pop treats that are primed for quick consumption; you’re not going to find too many folks crafting better pop than this trio. The 'Tonight' EP will drop July 12th via Matinée Recordings.   --Austin Town Hall
Che meraviglia vedere i nostri cari Red Sleeping Beauty così attivi. Non si sono ancora spenti gli echi del loro ottimo album “Stockholm” e già siamo qui a parlare del loro nuovo EP, che diventa compendio determinante e doveroso al lavoro da poco uscito. 4 brani in questo “Tonight EP” che esce proprio oggi, ovviamente per la Matinée. Splendida partita a tennis quella tra Niklas e Kristina, che nel brano che da il titolo all’EP, si fronteggiano e si lanciano l’una all’altra ritornelli e strofe di una delizia assoluta. Synth-pop cristallino e perfetto. In “Someone Somewhere” è la voce di Kristina a destreggiarsi su una base synth iper solare e zuccherosa che ci manda subito in estasi. Su “Emma’s House” crediamo che ci sia ben poco da dire, se non che questa versione del classico dei Field Mice è un vero gioiellino, così malinconica e raccolta, ovviamente su territori elettronici ma atmosferici e carezzevoli. Con l’ultimo brano beh, fate largo sul dancefloor casalingo e tutti in pista! I Red Sleeping Beauty non sbagliano più nulla, ma non c’era bisogno di dirvelo.   --Indie for Bunnies