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Six months after the album ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ (matcd082), Azure Blue presents the first single ‘Shine On’ (matda005) from a new album entitled ‘Images Of You’ coming early next year.

The dreamy sound from the internationally acclaimed debut album ‘Rule of Thirds’ (matcd059) is back but with sharper contours and colors, more distinct rhythms and shimmier reverbs that brighten up the songs like northern light.

The digital single is available now in the Matinee shop and other digital platforms. You can also stream it from our Soundcloud below:


CD83 sleeve

The brilliant new album ‘Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain?’ (matcd083) from The Perfect English Weather is available now!

The Perfect English Weather are Simon and Wendy Pickles, a husband and wife duo from Brighton, England, whose musical journey began in the late 1980s as part of the indie-chart regulars The Popguns. Perched on a melodic precipice at the frayed edges of indiedom, their beautiful, slightly melancholic pop has drawn comparisons to Everything But The Girl and more recently St Etienne. BBC 6 Music Radio seems to agree, with their songs receiving repeated airplay on the Gideon Coe and Steve Lamacq shows.

The new album is at heart a story of adulthood, with songs meandering around themes of travel and work, family and reminiscence, togetherness and separation. The albums journey of soundscapes sets out from London City bars through to memories of Ibiza nights, a freezing Warsaw winter and endless air travel, before finally settling in the rivers of Nova Scotia. Reflecting the various locations, situations and characters, the musical styles move in and out of guitar pop, moody electronica and the bare acoustic. The songs protagonists may change but the narrative flows consistently throughout, taking the listener through a personal history of estrangement and reunion.

The album is officially released November 16, but you can order a copy RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinee shop. You can also stream four ace album tracks now on our Soundcloud!


matda004 sleeve

New release alert! Celebrated English duo The Perfect English Weather have a brand new album entitled ‘Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain?’ out soon!

The first single from the album is called ‘Rockin’ To The Beat’ (matda004) and it is so good we couldn’t possibly make you wait to hear it. The song is a shamelessly trivial dose of laid back guitar pop, picturing a parent watching their adolescent child dancing at the edge of a summer festival crowd.

The single includes an exclusive Equinox mix of the song which should appeal to fans of Everything But The Girl in particular. The digital single is available now in the Matinee shop and other digital platforms. You can also stream both songs on the Soundcloud player below:


098 sleeve

New release alert! ‘The Official Matinee World Cup EP’ (matinee 098) is available now! On this special release, Matinee bands celebrate the 2018 World Cup with five exclusive soccer-themed anthems to soundtrack the 21st international tournament this summer.

Australian stars Last Leaves kick things off with the splendid guitar pop classic ‘Golden Days To Come’ with its call and response chorus, trumpets, and a choir of fanatics to cheer on the Socceroos.

Swedish band Red Sleeping Beauty makes its Matinee debut with the glorious electric pop hit ‘Dressed In Yellow And Blue’ featuring an infectious chorus about one life-changing goal in the summertime.

Spanish duo The Royal Landscaping Society shows its support for La Furia Roja with the absolutely mesmerizing track ‘2010’ recalling Spain’s World Cup championship earlier this decade.

English legends The Popguns deliver in spades with ‘Red White And Blue’ posing the question “is it so unimaginable thinking we could win?” and using brilliant harmonies, furious guitars, cheering crowds, and handclaps to advance the English side to the next round.

Finally, Brazilian popstars Pale Sunday break a six-year silence with the ace fuzz pop song ‘Dirt Pitch Superstars’ in honor of their team’s campaign for an unprecedented sixth World Cup victory.

An essential release for Matinee and soccer enthusiasts alike, ‘The Official Matinee World Cup EP’ is a fun diversion from the games and a guaranteed score for summertime playlists. The EP is officially released June 15, but you can order it RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinee shop. Have a listen to all the tracks now on our Soundcloud!


CD82 sleeve

The sensational new album ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ (matcd082) from Sweden’s Azure Blue is available now! Across eleven impressive tracks, the sound is darker than on previous releases with more synths and electronic flourishes but with the same timeless melodies and dreamy moods that we have come to associate with Azure Blue.

The album presents a sonic tale about being true to yourself and the neon colors explode as rushing minimal wave tempos meet slowly floating cinematic scenes about new love. Tobias Isaksson has produced, played, and mixed nearly every detail of the album himself in the studio in Stockholm from a stubborn dogma of a sound palette where the hard and rough meets the beautiful and ethereal.

Highlights include the stunning first single ‘Whatever ’18’, the sophisticated ‘Crimson Red,’ the new indie classic ‘My Final Candle,’ the positively catchy ‘Don’t Turn Me On,’ and the old school synth pop of ‘Erratic Motion.’ Several tracks include guest vocalists including notable Swedish artists Peter Moren (Peter Bjorn & John), The Land Below, Paola, Cesar Vidal (Caesars), Julia Boman, and Tangela.

Absolutely contemporary and undeniably cool, ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ is an impressive, moody, moving progression from one of Sweden’s most internationally acclaimed indie artists.

The album is officially released June 15, but you can order it RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinee shop. The album is available on limited edition vinyl on Hybris Records and cassette on Zeon Light Records. Have a listen to four gems now on our Soundcloud!


097 sleeve

Sweden’s Azure Blue returns to the new release shelf with a stunning six-track EP (matinee 097) featuring the sophisticated synth pop and lyrical acumen of Tobias Isaksson and ace contributions from popular Swedish artists Cesar Vidal, The Land Below, Peter Moren, Charly A, and Bo.

Lead track ‘Whatever ’18’ is the first single from the forthcoming new album ‘Fast Falls The Eventide’ due in June. It is top shelf electronic indie about choosing the right things to ignore and an absolute earworm to feature on teenage rebellion playlists.

The EP features five additional tracks that will not appear on the new album, including popular songs from European releases for the first time in North and South America with exclusive bonuses from digital singles and cover versions. ‘Every Ending Story’ is smooth synth pop that suggests Isaksson has more than a few New Order and OMD records in his collection, while ‘Reflections of Light’ is a classic three-minute pop song with refined synths and orchestral flourishes, and ‘Tragedy and Changes’ sets the loud loutish lovers from The Smiths classic ‘I Know It’s Over’ to an electronic beat.

The EP ends with two superb cover versions of songs from the 1990s. ‘Justice’ is the final track from the debut solo album by Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens, and Azure Blue takes the song to another place and another decade altogether. Final track ‘747’ is exclusive to this EP and is a hypnotic electro-pop version of an song originally recorded by popular Swedish band Kent. Azure Blue reworks the song into a massive club hit to end the EP on another high note.

A very welcome return for Azure Blue, ‘Whatever ’18’ is prime Swedish electronic indie pop and an unconditional score for the Matinee discography. The EP is officially released April 27, but you can order it RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinee shop for immediate shipment. Have a listen to ‘Whatever ’18’ and ‘Reflections of Light’ on our Soundcloud!


CD81 sleeve

New release alert! The fourth studio album from Math and Physics Club is entitled ‘Lived Here Before’ (matcd081) and is now available for preorder! The album features all the carefully constructed pop handicraft we’ve come to expect from these Pacific Northwest lads, but also shows the band stretching confidently into new territory at a stage when many bands would simply be retreading the same paths.

Working from a makeshift studio in the wilds of Snohomish, Washington, with fabled grunge producer Chris Hanzsek (Soundgarden, Green River), the band recorded eleven songs over four days in the company of Douglas firs and Swainson’s thrushes. Longtime fans will still recognize the band’s upbeat sound set against often bittersweet storytelling, but there’s also a darker, more world-weary undercurrent that feels earned with the passage of time, or perhaps as a reflection of the times themselves.

Lead track ‘Threadbare’ sets the tone with its Shins-esque beat and close-up intimacy, followed by a powerful push-me-pull-you between the verses and choruses, sweet and sad. ‘Marblemouth’ is an unabashed Britpop rocker with chiming guitars and driving bass, while ‘Broadcasting Waves’ bursts in with an infectious groove that serves as a backdrop to searching for love across fields and open oceans.

‘The Pull of the Tides’ builds slowly to crescendo and back again, evoking bands like The Ocean Blue and The Softies along the way, and setting up one of the album’s more subtle tracks, ‘Like Cinnamon’, which flips the dynamic between music and lyrics with its brooding backdrop. In a surprise, the band includes its first instrumental with a slinky tango titled ‘Falling for It’ providing a wink and a nod to early REM interludes like ‘Underneath the Bunker’.

‘Dear Madeline’ is vintage Math and Physics Club with intertwining guitars and soft brushes beautifully set against one of the band’s more poignant vignettes. The mood shifts to agitation with ‘Take a Number’ which paints a more insidious type of darkness, fueled by its dueling guitar riffs and percussive flourishes. The album’s title is also pulled from one of its lyrics.

‘Past and In Between’ whips things into a lather with its groovy bass and Motown beat that dodges in and out of piano, organ, and big, layered harmonies of oohs and ahhhs. But the final resolve is left to hang in the air, which smartly sets up perhaps the album’s high point, ‘All the Mains are Down’, which rips along with chiming guitars, piano, and three-part harmonies that bring to mind early REM (one of the band’s lesser noted influences).

The album closes in characteristic economy with ‘Drive to You’ which features an arrangement stripped down to simply two guitars and a lilting melody, accented with subtle organ. It’s a fitting end note that reaches back to the band’s earlier days and leaves us feeling a bit more sweet than bitter, which seems just about right.

Housed in a handsome six-panel eco-wallet with sleeve design by the band’s own Ethan Jones, ‘Lived Here Before’ is a magnificent addition to the Math and Physics Club discography. The official release is January 26, but you can order it RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinee shop! Have a listen to a handful of album gems below:


096 sleeve

Scottish favorites Bubblegum Lemonade celebrate their tenth release in ten years with a brilliant six-track holiday EP entitled ‘Laz Christmas’ (matinee 096)!

Lead track ‘Number One for Christmas’ is a surefire Christmas earworm with a big pop chorus and plenty of sleigh bells. In an alternate universe it would be battling for number one on the pop charts, but in our world it’s a safe bet to kick off your holiday playlist.

‘No Room At The Inn’ is the story of a modern day Mary and Joseph that ends with a wonderful vocal / fuzz guitar climax, and ‘Sunflower In The Snow’ is a song about the recent spate of weird weather that blends Beach Boys effervescence with the darkness of the Velvet Underground.

‘At Christmas Time’ is guitars jangling and festive shambling for the Postcard Records crowd, while ‘New Year Or New York’ sets the tale of a war veteran thinking back about a lost opportunity to an elegantly presented keyboard motif.

The EP ends with an indiepop take on the traditional Christmas song ‘Silent Night’ with perfectly shimmering guitars, more sleigh bells, tambourine, and dulcet backing vocals by Sandra of Strawberry Whiplash.

‘Laz Christmas’ is officially released on December 8, but you can place an order for it now in the Matinee shop for shipment next week. In the meantime, have a listen to new holiday classics ‘Number One for Christmas’ and ‘Silent Night’ on our Soundcloud!


095 sleeve

Brighton duo The Perfect English Weather return with the new 4-track ‘English Winter’ EP (matinee 095) which marks an intriguing departure from last year’s much loved debut album ‘Isobar Blues’ (matcd078). The release sees the duo, Simon and Wendy Pickles, drawing further distinction from their other band The Popguns and taking cues from sophisticated electronica such as St. Etienne while maintaining the strong vocals and impeccable melodies from previous releases.

Lead track ‘Still’ is an emotional, hypnotic slow-burner on the theme of separation and features a collaboration with former Popguns drummer Shaun Charman who is now also part of indie buzzband Jetstream Pony. This is a by-product of some rehearsals that Simon and Shaun did for a Fireworks gig back in 2016 where Simon stepped in on second guitar. Shaun plays the guitar hook on the track along with some live drums, while Simon and Wendy’s daughter, Anna, sings backing vocal to give the track some sublime moments between the two singers.

Being a seasonal release, the EP has to include a holiday song and ‘Christmas In Suburbia’ delivers that in spades. A very, very pretty tune with some affectionate, wry observations on the season, the song references Christmas lights, snow, Prosecco, and Barbie in a Tonka truck!

‘Cold Out’ is a moody, kinda sleepy one about staying in bed and definitely not going out, with the production moving in a distinctly electronic direction. The song references a meeting between Morrissey and Wendy back in 1984 (“it was so surprising when you knew my name”), and curiously Morrissey is also singing about spending the day in bed on his latest release.

The EP concludes with a cover version of the Go-Betweens classic ‘Dusty In Here’. A longtime favourite of the band, this bare and almost ghostly rendition has just Wendy and her acoustic guitar plus Anna again on backing vocals. This is a track that Wendy and Anna performed at the Grant McLennan tribute gig in London back in 2015 and is the perfect closer to the EP.

The official release of ‘English Winter’ is December 8, but you can place an order for it now in the Matinee shop for shipment next week. To get you excited, ‘Still’ and ‘Christmas In Suburbia” are now featured on our Soundcloud!