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Matine Recordings
Matine Recordings
Matine Recordings
Matine Recordings

Matinee Recordings is an independent pop record label based in Santa Barbara, California. The label began in 1997 and quickly earned a reputation as one of the top indie labels in the world. In this time, Matinee has released nearly 200 records by 56 artists from 12 different countries.

In its first three years, Matinee released limited edition records, mostly 7″ singles, from internationally acclaimed acts including Bella Vista (USA), Ego (France), The Fairways (USA), Harper Lee (England), Lovejoy (England), The Lucksmiths (Australia), Monterey (USA), Sportique (England), Sweet William (Australia), and The Windmills (England). In 1999, the label hosted the first Matinee live showcase aboard a boat in Paris, followed by extensive US dates for The Lucksmiths.

Over the next few years, the label significantly expanded its international base with new releases from celebrated indie bands including Airport Girl (England), The Guild League (Australia), The Hermit Crabs (Scotland), The Liberty Ship (England), Math and Physics Club (USA), Melodie Group (England), Pale Sunday (Brazil), The Pines (England), Pipas (England), Simpatico (Australia), Slipslide (England), Tender Trap (England), Would-Be-Goods (England), and The Young Tradition (Sweden).

During this time, the label also curated a series of archival releases, working with late 80s English band The Visitors on a definitive retrospective compilation. Archival releases followed from fellow English indie legends The Siddeleys, Razorcuts, Remember Fun, and Brighter, plus Australian band The Sugargliders.

Capitalizing on a solid roster of English acts, Matinee continued expanding live promotion of its artists with numerous label showcases in London. Matinee artists also featured heavily on the international popfest scene, with bands regularly playing shows in Madrid, Paris, New York, San Francisco, and towns inbetween. The label celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2007 with a showcase in California featuring live favorites The Lucksmiths, Math and Physics Club, and The Guild League.

Over the next decade, Matinee significantly expanded its artist roster with celebrated releases from popular international artists Azure Blue (Sweden), Bart and Friends (Australia), Bubblegum Lemonade (Scotland), The Catenary Wires (England), Cats on Fire (Finland), Champagne Riot (Denmark), Charlie Big Time (England), The Electric Pop Group (Sweden), Last Leaves (Australia), Northern Portrait (Denmark), The Perfect English Weather (England), The Popguns (England), Red Sleeping Beauty (Sweden), The Royal Landscaping Society (Spain), Seabirds (England), September Girls (Ireland), The Steinbecks (Australia), Strawberry Whiplash (Scotland), and Tinsel Heart (Sweden).

As Matinee celebrates its 20th anniversary, the label continues from strength to strength with a loyal fan base, a collectable catalog, and a solid international reputation.

demo policy

Matinee is always open to receiving demos from new bands. Here are guidelines for demo submission:

1. We are happy to listen to your music on CD, vinyl, or mp3 format. Links to your website, Facebook, Soundcloud or other pages with streaming files are fine. Please do not send mp3s via email.

2. If you are not familiar with any Matinee artists, please listen to some clips on the sounds page to see if you fit in with the Matinee sound. While we like to think of the label as an eclectic mix of artists, the reality is that we wont like you if you play heavy metal or country or reggae music or if you just want to rock out. Slow shoegazing and embarrassingly twee music are also unlikely to win us over.

3. The ideal song in our universe is under three minutes – four is pushing it and if you’ve created an epic five minutes in length or longer chances are well never get through it. We also detest wanky guitar solos.

4. Please include your name and contact information with your demo and package it properly. Don’t assume a CDR stuffed into a plain envelope with no protection will arrive in one piece.

5. We try to reply to all demo submissions but it may take us time to get back to you. Please feel free to follow up if you haven’t heard anything in 60 days.

Assuming we haven’t scared you off already, please contact us via the email address listed at the top of the page. Thank you!