Northern Portrait – The Swiss Army LP + CD preorder!

We are thrilled to finally announce details for the long-awaited new album ‘The Swiss Army’ (matcd090) from distinguished Danish band Northern Portrait

The album is available for preorder on sea blue vinyl, black vinyl, and CD, and all preorders will ship on or around July 29. The album will be available as a digital download via the Matinée shop and the usual digital platforms on August 5. 

Here are complete details for the album:

Tracklisting: 1. At Attention 2. Nineties Survivor 3. Long Live Tonight 4. Sisters 5. From Here Our World Extends 6. Once Upon A Bombshell 7. Business Class Hero 8. World History part I and II 9. The Soft Revolution 10. Pool Cue Vigilante

‘The Swiss Army’ is the highly anticipated second album from Northern Portrait! It has been 12 long years since the celebrated debut album ‘Criminal Art Lovers’ was released, and ‘The Swiss Army’ is another masterpiece undeniably worthy of the wait.

The album begins with lead single ‘At Attention’—an absolutely brilliant three-minute pop song with jangling guitars, soaring vocals, and harmonica.  It is a confident burst of jangle pop that sits perfectly alongside any of Northern Portrait’s previous hits and leaves no question that the band are back in especially prime form.

‘Nineties Survivor’ is a dramatic mid-tempo track that recalls Suede or perhaps Jarvis Cocker’s first solo album, and ‘Long Live Tonight’ is another upbeat, pristine pop song with ace vocals, jangling guitars, and a playful organ that should appeal to fans of The Housemartins or Paul Weller.

‘Sisters’ features strummed guitars, hypnotic vocals, a ukulele, and a soaring chorus, while ‘From Here Our World Extends’ closes side one with a slow burning classic inspired by Pulp with dramatic cymbal crashes and a mesmerizing ending.

Side two opens with the wonderful second single ‘Once Upon A Bombshell’, a sophisticated, mid-tempo ode to an aging bombshell reminiscent of The Kinks or The Smiths with organ and mellotron embellishments adding to its moody vibe.

‘Business Class Hero’ is a Billy Bragg-inspired tale of a frequent flyer with possibly questionable morals accompanied by sweeping strings and harmonica, and ‘World History part I and II’ recalls Blur at their very best with multiple guitars, organs, autoharp, saxophone, driving percussion, and one of the catchiest choruses on the album.

‘The Soft Revolution’ is a refined tale of horoscopes, oysters, and lotteries with twinkling keyboards, piano, and a harmonica rich ending perfect for fans of Gene, David Bowie, or Pulp, and album closer ‘Pool Cue Vigilante’ lives up to its magnificent title layering multiple guitars and organs with superb vocals and a bit of Stone Roses inspiration.

Available on sea blue or black vinyl, plus CD and digital formats, ‘The Swiss Army’ is another outstanding long-player from Northern Portrait and a certain album of the year contender for 2022.

‘The Swiss Army’ is officially released August 5 but you can preorder it RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinée shop

Before you finalize your order, please note that we have fresh repressings of the classic ‘Criminal Art Lovers’ album (matcd054) and ‘Ta!’ compilation (matcd066) back in stock, and the ‘Life Returns To Normal’ 7″ (matinée 076) and ‘Pretty Decent Swimmers’10” (matinée 086) are also still available so every Northern Portrait song ever recorded is available once again!  Please see the Northern Portrait artist page for handy links to all releases. 






The first two singles from ‘The Swiss Army’ are featured on the Soundcloud player below, and watch this space for another album preview in advance of the official release!