Red Sleeping Beauty – Solid Gold (featuring Amelia Fletcher)

Smash hit alert!  Swedish legends Red Sleeping Beauty collaborate with fellow legend Amelia Fletcher (The Catenary Wires, Heavenly, Marine Research, Talulah Gosh, Tender Trap) on the aptly titled new ‘Solid Gold’ single (matda026).

WIth this collaboration, Red Sleeping Beauty have come full circle. Starting out as a jangly guitar pop band in the 1990s and coming back after a 20-year hiatus in 2016 as an electronic synth pop trio, Red Sleeping Beauty return to their roots with Solid Gold—a bouncy, jangly, singalong guitar pop smash.

Underneath the jaunty surface, however, lurks dark Swedish melancholia: “I never thought you’d leave / I never thought we’d end up worlds apart / I always thought of us as solid gold / Shining and there forever.”

“Amelia is a teenage hero of ours and the indie goddess”, says Niklas Angergård. “After having written Solid Gold I could only hear her voice singing it, so I gathered courage and asked. And here we are! Her vocals are, as always, solid gold.”

‘Solid Gold’ will feature on a forthcoming four track vinyl EP also including the recent collaboration ‘Second Time’ featuring fellow Sarah Records alum Mary Wyer of Even as We Speak. 

‘Solid Gold’ is available now in the Matinée shop and other digital retailers.  You can also stream it on the handy player below: