The Popguns – Carrying the Fire EP

DA017 sleeve

The first release in two years from English indie legends The Popguns is out today!

Borrowing its title from Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins’ autobiography, the six-track ‘Carrying the Fire’ EP (matda017) is a space operetta that imagines a higher intelligence welcoming humans into space with advice to put their faith into reason if they want to succeed.

It begins with a piano prelude before the guitar-rock title track ‘Carrying The Fire’ erupts with barely controlled power. The higher intelligence wonders ‘What Do You Seek?’ before orbit is established and the ‘Laws Of Motion’ narrated by the very distinguished David Brand plays to a hypnotic backdrop of electronica. The operetta finishes on a light-hearted note with an acoustic bar room sing-along ‘Drop Me Off In The Ocean’ which compares the return journey to your basic Friday evening commute home whilst looking forward to a beer in the bar.

‘Carrying The Fire’ and ‘Laws Of Motion’ also appear on the WIAIWYA compilation CD ‘The Moon And Back’ celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

The ‘Carrying the Fire’ EP is available at a special price in the Matinée shop and from the usual digital merchants. You can stream the title track and ‘Drop Me Off In The Ocean’ now on our Soundcloud!