Math and Physics Club – Indian Ocean 7″

102 sleeve

The final single (matinée 102) from Math and Physics Club is a bittersweet but fitting coda for a band that has always worn its heart on its sleeve. It is also a posthumous tribute to guitarist and co-founder James Werle, who passed away last year after his battle with cancer.

James didn’t play on these recordings, but he is absolutely part of their fabric. That much is clear from the moment his Rickenbacker chimes the opening notes on ‘Indian Ocean’. The song was written shortly before James died, but the band never had a chance to record it. Perhaps seeking connection more than anything else, the remaining members decided to finish it in honor of their friend and bandmate. With bassist Ethan Jones stepping in to record James’ guitar part, the result is a bit of magic and an instant MAPC classic.

The flip-side, ‘In Dreams’, is a requiem of sorts, written for James in the weeks following his death. Stripped down acoustic guitar, mandolin, and layered vocals pack an emotional wallop. The lyrics are sparse and laid bare, but hopeful. The song’s spare arrangement juxtaposed with the lush guitars on Side A reveals a space left unmistakably unfilled.

Lets be clear: As much as this single is an embrace of grief and loss, it is also a nutshell of what Math and Physics Club does best. Economical, well-crafted, heartfelt pop. It’s a final keepsake from a band that has been making songs like these for the better part of the past 15 years. Did you expect anything less? Limited to 500 copies on 7-inch black vinyl with cover art by Olympia artist Jimmy Ulvenes.

The single is officially released December 13, but you can preorder a copy RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinée shop and enjoy the digital download while you wait for the postman. We expect to ship preorders by December 6. You can also stream ‘Indian Ocean’ now on our Soundcloud!