The Popguns in the music press

CD70 sleeve

The recent ‘Pop Fiction’ album (matcd070) from English darlings The Popguns is the current top seller in the Matinée shop and generating plenty of accolades in the music press as well. Here are select excerpts from a few of the reviews to date:

“Pop Fiction is so engaging, snappy, and timeless, it’s analogous to the finest 80s UK pop of its kind (Smiths, Go-Betweens, early Creation singles). The LP bursts with mature modernity, a rare, wizened band perfecting their craft the second time around. It’s exquisite, charming, joyous music to fall in love with and to.” –The Big Takeover Magazine

“This is what tight musicianship, peerless songwriting, and an angelic choir up-front is all about. Without hesitation, I can assure you this is the best pop album you will hear this year.” –Soundblab

“An album of catchy upbeat tunes, sweetly swaying midtempo ones, and a couple tender ballads that rate with the best of their early work, all adding up to a truly impressive comeback.” –All Music Guide

“The Popguns are back with a bang, and most likely having a blast while they’re at it.” –Sounds XP

“Pop Fiction is an absolute no-filler affair … a tour de force that deserves its rightful place beside ‘Eugenie’ and ‘Snog’ as the Popguns’ best work.” –Linear Tracking Lives

“Where have The Popguns been all of my life?!?! Pop Fiction, the band’s first release in 18 years, has been on constant repeat for weeks now and is already one of my favorite albums of the year.” –This Wreckage

“Returning indiepop heroes triumph with wall-to-wall tunes on what sounds like a greatest hits album.” –The Sound of Confusion

“Pop Fiction captures everything that endeared them to fans in the first place with ten new tracks of unpretentious pop that sound like they could have been released by Sarah Records, Heavenly Records, or K back in the early 90s, proving that no matter how hard young musicians try to recreate the sound, it’s the bands who perfected it in the first place who best carry the torch.” –Flavorpill

The album comes in a deluxe gatefold eco-wallet and is available worldwide from your favorite record shop, mailorder, or digital provider as well as the Matinée shop. Full release details and more reviews can be found on the catalog page. You can preview the full album on the below Soundcloud player too!