Matinée welcomes The Catenary Wires

IMG_2260New band alert! The Catenary Wires is the new project from Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, best known for making fuzzy, sixties girl-group inspired indie-pop in their previous bands Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. With The Catenary Wires, they have created something different … gentler, more emotive and melancholy, although still fuelled by their great love for pop melodies and harmonies.

The Catenary Wires started when the two left London and found themselves in the middle of the countryside, with no record stores or guitar shops, and no indie scene as such. Having initially abandoned the idea of having a band, they started writing their sad and delicate songs on their daughter’s small acoustic guitar, in the winter, just for themselves.

The duo were enticed to play in public for an event celebrating their old label, Sarah Records, at the Arnolfini Art Gallery in Bristol. They played a few Heavenly songs but also took the opportunity to try out the new material. From the positive reaction, they realized that two people on stage could be a proper band, if a small, fragile one.

CD72 sleeve

The debut release from The Catenary Wires is a mini-album entitled ‘Red Red Skies’ (matcd072) and it comprises eight evocative songs, most of which are about relationships falling apart. We are thrilled to be releasing the album in conjunction with our friends at Elefant Records in Spain.

The album starts with the first single ‘Intravenous’, a closely sung duet which talks about the mutual dependency of love, and of resignation to a closeness so extreme that it becomes destructive. ‘When You Walk Away’ tells of a relationship started in the full knowledge that it will not last, exposing Amelia’s voice and Rob’s acoustic guitar at their rawest and most moving.

‘Throw Another Love Song on the Fire’ is a song about heartbreak, while at the same time a satire on other songs about heartbreak, with the depth of Rob’s voice as he sings “thanks for making me unhappy” invoking Stephin Merritt (Magnetic Fields). ‘A Different Scene’ is about missing someone from a long distance, and the feeling of sending off emails and texts and never being sure of their impact, while ‘Things I Love’ is about how once-much-loved things can become poisoned by bad memories.

Some of the songs, such as ‘Like A Fool’ and ‘The Records We Never Play’, are bittersweet duets, with a nod to Johnny Cash and June Carter, Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot, or Adam Green and Binki Shapiro. Others, such as ‘When You Walk Away’ and ‘Too Late, I Love You’ are more introspective, with Amelia’s voice reminiscent of Karen Peris (The Innocence Mission) or Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star).

The album is available in a deluxe six panel eco-wallet CD and is officially released June 1, but you can preorder a copy right now in the Matinée shop!

To celebrate the release, The Catenary Wires are playing the NYC Popfest on May 29 and we have also set up a special in-store appearance at the Rough Trade Shop in Brooklyn on May 27. Of course the band will have copies of the new album with them at both shows!

While you wait, have a listen to the ace tracks ‘Intravenous’ plus ‘A Different Scene’ and ‘Throw Another Love Song On The Fire’ via our Soundcloud:

You can also watch videos for ‘Intravenous’ and ‘A Different Scene’ here: