A Matinée welcome to The Royal Landscaping Society!

03New artist alert: We are thrilled to officially welcome Spanish duo The Royal Landscaping Society to the Matinée roster of artists!

The Royal Landscaping Society started in Seville, Spain in 2012 as a solo project, then expanded into a band and eventually shrunk to a duo with Cris Romero on vocals, guitar, synths and machines and David Vidal on bass and bass synth. With an obvious love for the breezier side of indiepop, the band mixes crystalline guitars and primitive electronics in a sound described as shimmery romantic pop. The story so far includes an eponymous debut mini-album on Beko Disques in 2014 and a series of ace compilation appearances plus live sets at the Birmingham Popfest, Indietracks, and the Verbena Pop tour in Germany.

The debut Matinée release for the band is a smashing 7″ single with lead track ‘When There’s Nothing Left To Look Forward To’ and it is simply wonderful. Think ‘Train Not Stopping’ or ‘Crazy’ sort of wonderful and you’re nearly there. There are two b-sides to the single and we are working on artwork now so expect it sometime late this summer. We’ll have more news and sounds to share on this soon. The band is also working on an album for release later this year and we are sketching out a third release already too!

Of course, we couldn’t gush about them so much without having something ready for release and it just so happens that the band has contributed a beautiful song called ‘Moon’ to our ‘Matinée Idols’ compilation (matcd075), and you, lucky reader, can hear it RIGHT NOW at the link below. Stunning, don’t you think?