Red Sleeping Beauty – Tonight EP

099 sleeve

We are thrilled to announce the exclusive new ‘Tonight’ EP (matinée 099) from Swedish legends Red Sleeping Beauty! The trio of Niklas Angergard, Kristina Borg, and Mikael Matsson formed in the early 1990s and released acclaimed records on numerous international indie labels including Marsh Marigold, Sunday, Siesta, Labrador, and Shelflife so we are truly honored to add Matinée to their illustrious discography.

Lead track ‘Tonight’ is an ode to the hopes and possibilities of youthful summer nights, featuring vintage synthesizers and exceptional dual vocals from Niklas and Kristina along with an especially healthy dose of reverb. ‘Someone Somewhere’ is an A-side of its own, featuring enchanting vocals from Kristina, soaring synths, and an insanely catchy chorus that cements its status as a perfect three-minute pop song.

‘Emma’s House’ is a charming cover of the debut Sarah single from English band The Field Mice that builds from a simple and pensive beginning to an electronic and atmospheric conclusion that nicely mirrors the evolution of the original band’s career arc. Final track ‘Falling Out Of Love’ is a massive club hit waiting to happen, with swirling and wonderfully chiming synthesizers racing at an especially impressive beats per minute for maximum dancefloor filling capability.

Released just three months after the smash album ‘Stockholm’ (matcd084) earlier this year, the ‘Tonight’ EP is an extraordinary and essential addition to the Red Sleeping Beauty catalog.

The EP is officially released July 12, but you can order a copy RIGHT NOW exclusively from the Matinée shop. Limited time offer: we actually have copies of the CD in hand already, so if you order by June 25 we will send a copy the same day! After that we are on vacation so subsequent orders will ship July 10 but you can still enjoy the digital download while you wait for the postman.

To get you even more excited, you can stream ‘Tonight’ and ‘Someone Somewhere’ now on our Soundcloud!